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partyhardxrave's Journal

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  • partyhardxrave@livejournal.com
I'm Sarah and I'm now 18,my journal is a place for me to vent,share and so I can look back and remember the good, bad and the crazy times I have had and the ones to come.
Some days I hate myself and my life, Somedays I just love it.
It can be a little crazy at times, I can get myself into trouble, i'm good at that.
So read,comment,love you may find it interesting or maybe not so.
I'm always up for a chat so if you ever want to msn me then just ask and we can chat it up.

I used to love going to raves,used to love getting really messed up/smashed/trashed/incredibly high and you can see some of that in my very old journal entries but things have changed quite a bit and it has been a while now,i'm much more sensible but i do still enjoy a drink...or 15.